Monday, 6 June 2011

Add "Having my closet detach from the wall" to the list of things I wasn't expecting to happen this weekend.

I have been neglecting the blog again, its true.  And its going to  get worse before it gets better.

We have a deadline approaching at work, which could vary in awfulness from minorly disruptive to three weeks of torture, sleep depravation, and mind numbing piles of redlines.  I am betting closer to the latter, but at least then the office will pay for my food.

The workload really picked up during last week, topped off by a delightful Saturday spent in the office, from 8 to 5, with a 3 hour pause in the middle to attend a small get-together/baby shower.  Which was very nice.  But I had to miss bookclub, which was not so nice.  But thanks to Lauren, I remembered I have a friend (Brandon's groomsman's wife's sister) who makes these on Etsy, and I had to order one for both of my pregnant friends because they are SO cute and also I like knowing I am supporting someone brave enough to start their own line on Etsy.

from BabeeStitches on Etsy.  How freakin' cute!

Add to the mix that I am house/dog sitting for my boss' boss this week, and I am a little bit stressed.  The good news is, it can only last 3 weeks maximum.  And then I will take my life back (and resume work on the logo Christine I promise.  I have been thinking about it!)

In a mad and probably in vain attempt to get organized, Brandon and I visited my favorite place in the world (or so it seems sometimes....), Target.  We bought all kinds of storage things for the closet, to go above the clothes rail (or lack thereof, but another complaint for another time.)  We got home, and I tried to catch up on over a month's worth of bills (eek!) while Brandon put the things together.  Altogether, they weigh considerably less than what was stores on the shelves in a jumble before.  But wouldn't you just know, no sooner does he empty the shelf and pop the little cubical things up there than the whole shelf detaches from the wall, and we realize what shoddy shoddy work was done installing this closet.  Elfa, people!  Its the only way to do this properly!

So a couple of trips to Home Depot later, we managed to reattach our closet to the wall, and put our clothes back on it.  By which point it was about 9pm, and like the good little housewife-to-be I am, I thought, hey maybe I should start dinner?  Ugh.

I did have posts from the week before this one that just never got written, but if I ever get home on time again, I will get the photos off my camera and start posting for real again.  For now, because I can and I finally like it again*, I leave you with a photo of my butt, in exercise pants:

Taken by my talented friend Vicky.  Shes starting up a photo blog here.

* Lies.  Even when I was more chubby than this, I always liked my butt.  I might not have been willing to show you a photo of it, but its true.  Even when it makes life very difficult to buy pants.

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