Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I'm excited to announce that Lizzie and Isaiah of Love Your Way are hosting a giveaway over on their blog for my stationery store, Ribbons&Bluebirds.  Check it out here.  You can visit the blog for the shop, with more stationery-focused entries, over here.

We are offering everyone 10% off in the Etsy shop until the end of 2011, so head on over to the shop to check it out!


  1. These are gorgeous, Jenn! Can I put in a request for more generically "holiday" (rather than specifically xmas) themed cards? I imagine it's too late this year but next year I would be all over that . . .

  2. I know!! I feel really silly and annoyed that all of my ideas ended up being so "christmas" instead of being able to say seasons greetings or happy holidays. The only one where the design is easy to change is the chevron one, but it is a picture of a christmas tree.....I could take the star off the top and cover the branches in some snowy blobs perhaps, and then change the text to happy holidays?

  3. Pssht, annoyed by your own amazingness? Seriously, the cards are really cool - I'm just thinking of my Jewish and non-denominational relatives. I actually think the hoofprint card would work with "Happy Holidays" or maybe better yet "Season's Greetings" since it's all snowy and the prints could be regular deer prints - and then those celebrating xmas could still enjoy the extra meaning.