Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chicago Trip: Part 1

This weekend, I was lucky enough to head back to Chicago for a visit.  I planned the trip around attending a photography workshop from the talented and super-nice Christy Tyler (and it definitely did not disappoint.)  More about the workshop soon, because I am still trying to come up with a good way to convey how awesome it was, what it really meant to me, and where I go from here.

A couple of snapshots from the evening of my arrival, and my first morning:

1. Nice sunset on the plane, on my way in.  When am I going to figure out that shots from the window of an airplane never end up looking all that awesome?

2.  The "L" stop where my friend was nice enough to pick me up.  Loved the signage, and wanted to try out the new superfast lens (and test the limits of my ISO on the new body.  I was impressed.)

3.  Mr Wiggles does indeed still travel with me.  Also, look at this beautiful rimlight!  From before I had even been taught about rimlight!

4.  My trusty companion the Starbucks cup.

5.  These awnings were interesting, and kept spinning like pinwheels, each hitting the others and forcing them into motion.

6.  This big guy was just waiting for his owner to come back with a latte....

7. While this guy made me laugh watching his totally indifferent expressions.

8.  Went to a great little place with Kiley for lunch, to meet up with Danielle, Brian, Carrie, and baby Ginny!  Photos of cute-as-a-button Ginny-bug ( as her adoring dad calls her) tomorrow.


  1. can't wait to hear more about the workshop! cool photos - the teddy bear is my favorite. what a funny expression on its face! also, the airplane shot is very pretty actually.

  2. Picture 5 seems to MIA?! Great shots even before the workshop!

  3. The plane shot is WAY more impressive than you give yourself credit for. I can't wait to see baby pictures!!

  4. Love these Jenn! That plane shot of the sky is beautiful! And I'm loving the rim light on Mr. Wiggles! ;)