Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First things first

So when I published that post yesterday, I cheated.  Not because I hadn't resolved to do this thing before I took care of it, but because I was so slow to blog that it had already occurred by the time I posted.

It was time to knock off the most important thing on that list.  And by that of course I mean fixing my stupid hair, because it has been making me CRAZY lately.

It started with the perm.  Bad idea.  Crazy idea.  Should never have happened.  This is what my hair looked like as of Wednesday, Dec. 28th:

Yes, I realize this is not beautifully styled.  But this is what it looked like most of the time that I had it like this, so it is accurate.

Fed up, I took step #1: fix colour.

much better.  Doesn't hurt that I also straightened it a bit.
Somehow, still not enough.  I have been itching for change for a while now, and I kept stopping myself because of the perm disaster.  But on New Year's Eve, in the mall in search of a new outfit, I just went for it.  

9 inches off!  Exciting.

New Year's Eve
and now?  Its back to being curly... but I think I can handle it now that its only 6 inches long.  Here's to 2012 being a year of good hair!!


  1. jenn. you look absolutely stunning!! love the new hair!! I liked the long hair too but this cut is really great. reminds me how badly I need a haircut myself!

  2. gorgeous!! LOVE the color too!