Monday, 2 January 2012


So, 2012.  More fun to say for sure than 2011.  The Olympics are this year! And Oranje will have a chance at redemption.  Diablo 3 might finally get released?

And it will be my first calendar year of being married from start to finish (woohoo!).

On NYE Brandon and I celebrated 9 years of being together, from our kiss at midnight.  We finished the night in much the same way - passed out on a basement sofa.  Classy.

I have goals for 2012.  Dreams, hopes, that might finally come to fruition, schemes for how I can make my life get the idea.  And because one of them it to get my sh*t in order, I give to you, numerically presented:  my resolutions.  In no particular order

  • Make Ribbons & Bluebirds a success, if only in my mind.  Which means I get to decide what makes it successful (win!)  It also means that I am more than happy for the IRS to view it as a tax loss, too.
  • Figure out this taxes business.  Ugh.  This already sucks, and I have spent a large part of my holiday on it.  But I am going to figure it out so thoroughly this year that next year, it will all be set up for me.
  • Have better hair.  My hair used to be my thing, and now it kindof sucks.
  • Stay this size, if possible.  Last year was the year of amazing motivated weight loss, so lets hope this year is the year of pleasegodletmestopneedingnewjeans.
  • Make real progress towards some important long-term goals: saving enough to buy a house, having a lifestyle that could support a dog, etc.
  • Stop leaving my shoes all over.  This infuriates my dearest husband.  And there are enough things I do that infuriate him that are NEVER going to change that it would be best to take care of the little things.
  • Make one new recipe a week, every week, in 2012.  This si the big one, my wimpy version of a 365 project.  The criteria are simple:  recipe can be for anything, can be as simple as a cocktail or a dipping sauce, or as complicated as a 6 tier baked dessert.  Just has to be something new.
  • Teach Brandon how to use the camera.
  • Learn to type faster.  If Twitter has taught me anything, its that I cannot keep up.  If I am going to be in the conversation, and I do want to be which is why I joined Twitter in the first place, I need to be FASTER.  And also learn about hashtags.
  • Take some further steps towards licensing:  exams.  boo.  yucky.  need to be done.

2012- lets do this thing.

PS.  My baby is not doing so well, and it seems like it will soon be time to say goodbye to the sweetest mongrel in my life.  Please send him all the loving vibes you can spare - we are doing everything we can to make his last weeks with us full of joy, but he really enjoys any extra affection that comes his way these days.


  1. Awwww love to your pup!!! :-( sorry to hear he's gotten to this point. Hope your other pup is doing ok.

    Also I am failing at the internet in general lately, but hopefully will get back on twitter/blogs this week! Happy 2012!

  2. New recipe a week = brilliant project. I hope the best ones find their ways to the blog! Sorry about your pup. :(