Friday, 4 March 2011

Dancing in the dark

from Trailzombie's Blog.  This is just like our experience, but with no headlamp.

Boxing class was cancelled the other day, so instead, D-Day and I decided to go on a run, as there's a local trail near her house.  Really, this was just my excuse to meet her dog (still cutest dog ever, in person.  I don't think I ever get tired of watching an expressive dog, they have the most amazing ability to communicate with you using only their eyebrows and ears.)

So we drive out to the trail and realize - its fully dark, and the trail is not lit.  


To be fair, we made a valiant effort.  After 3 minutes of running down the trail, including an incident where I almost ran her off the road (apparently no glasses + no lights = I see even worse than usual.  Who knew?),  we decided to cut our losses.  So we headed back to the road, and jogged an uneventful loop up to Ballston.

And then on the way back, I got to meet her dog again :)  Just as cute the second time.  Gotta get me one of those, one of these days.


  1. I would consider dog-sitting :) in case you and zach want an evening off...