Sunday, 6 March 2011

Letterpress Followup

So I wondered why I wasn't getting a great impression when I pressed the save-the-dates.  After a lot of research, here is the answer:  because of the felt I was using as packing material.  Turns out, the felt encourages the plate to punch through the paper and leaves the impression out the back, rather than compressing an impression within the thickness of the paper.

So I acquired some "hard packing," in the form of pressboard file folders, and here is the result:

Look at all that detail in the lantern that I totally lost when I inked the plate!  I will absolutely  use this lantern as a blind impression on other pieces of the wedding stationary:  right now, I am thinking the menus.
I am so happy with this.  Which is an important part of the next step:  the main invitations.  Because I've finally come up with a design I adore, and it relies on the blind impression actually leaving an impression.

Once I'm done pressing with these plates, I am excited to cut them up and use the motifs to print other things.  Very cost effective!  So excited :)  Can't wait to show the finished suite!

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