Sunday, 27 March 2011

Heller&Heller Project of the Month: Wedding/Anniversary Toasting Box

This project was a speedy commission, for a family friend who had been searching for a box of this kind for ages with no success, and a wedding deadline to meet.

The box was designed to hold their crystal toasting flutes, a bottle of champagne, and a box of note cards.  The box was on display at their wedding, where guests were invited to write a message on a note card for the couple.  Then on their one year anniversary they would open the box, drink the champagne, and read the messages their family and friends had written for them on their wedding day.

The box is simple, clean-lined, and very classic.  It lets the beautiful wood veneer do the talking, without any overly complicated profiles or tacked-on embellishments.  The inlaid S's are the couple's initials, based on Victorian-era monogram design.

The interior is lined with a forest green suede, with velvet ribbon to keep the flutes secure.


  1. I like the choice of champagne. :)

  2. Thanks Irisira :) Beyond being awesome champagne, it has such a classic label, great for staging photographs too because its so recognizable!