Friday, 8 April 2011

Domestic bliss-ish

Look how sensitive he is, he wears pink!  Sigh, I miss my old glasses.

Yesterday morning, I was all psyched to write a sappy post about how hubs elect was all about the baby family.  That he wanted to make sure I felt like we were a family, just the two of us.  Awwww.  And he doesn't even read APW!

And then... I walk into our bedroom yesterday after getting home from work, and I notice there are no sheets on the bed.  The duvet and pillowcases are still there,  but there is no sheet and no mattress pad.  So since there had been sheets there that morning, I look at him with raised eyebrows, and he responds with this sheepish helpless grin. "Well, you're gonna laugh at me...."

He got home from work and, because this man can't be without a beverage of some kind for more than about 25 seconds, poured himself some juice.  Blackberry juice.  Then walks into the bedroom, goes to straighten out the duvet, and coughs. blackberry juice. all. over. the sheets.  Knowing how I will feel about this giant purple stain, he then rushed the sheets to the washer to soak, and by the time I got home, problem solved.  It is a really good thing he understands how to do laundry.

Notwithstanding he did agree to resrict the drinking of blackberry juice to the kitchen/dining area.

How do I know for sure he loves me and wants our marriage to be a success?  Because he has actually been wearing the Breathe Right strips I bought for him, for 3 nights in a row :) 


  1. Wait a minute - You don't like the glasses that I spent all that time helping you choose?

  2. a) breathe right strips work GREAT.
    b) i like these new glasses ok, but those old glasses were awesome. I used to get all kinds of compliments on them. Although, I did get a compliment on these glasses last week, so I may be recovering from my feelings of meh.