Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My parents' new place

Extremely jealous.  This place probably could not be cuter.

So we spent a long easter weekend moving my parents into their new (weekend) home in Charlottesville (Which I will be calling C'ville from now on because the full thing takes too long to type.)  They have bought a beautiful little house with great character that is mostly renovated, which we hope to add on to in the years to come.

My dad actually drove this truck.  He even managed not to destroy the mailbox (at either home) getting it out of the driveway.
Since this is a vacation home for now and we don't have THAT much surplus furniture, I spent the two weeks prior to the move scouring Craigslist for new stuff.  And I think I found some pretty nice pieces.  So we loaded the truck (and by we I mean the two superb movers who moved it from the garage, where we had piled it all, into the truck.  They were excellent.  If you need packers/unpackers in the DC area, these are your guys.  Email me and I'll send over the contact info, cuz I don't have it on me right now.)
Boris approves of the new patio.
We had an easy two hour drive down, and then we met the movers we had hired to unpack the stuff and they got to work.  It was honestly the most amazing move I have ever experienced - I didn't have to lift anything.  The truck loaders and unloaders were not all that expensive, and the extra beauty of the arrangement was that none of us were so tired that we needed the rest of the afternoon to recover.
Look at them in their matching golf shirts.... also, nice jeans Mom.  Good work.
Then, we had a great easter weekend, mostly spent in big box retail outlets buying stuff.  I also did a makeover of the master bath, as promised for my mother's birthday gift - photos of that to come later in the week.  We ate, we relaxed, we discussed the philosophy of furniture placement - all in all, a good weekend.  With the notable exception of Lisa being in a small grump midday on Saturday due to the inexplicable thrashing of the Penguins.
Living room with amazing ceiling...which unfortunately needs to be painted.

Makin some delicious potato pancakes.  This recipe needs sharing with the world, and I intend to do so this weekend.

Really looking forward to a summer getaway, when I need a break from all this DC stuff.

Cheers to fall, and having a home base for the Monticello Wine Trail!


  1. their new house is TOTALLY adorable! i love it!

  2. inexplicable? try glorious. I still can't believe your sister is a Penguins fan.

    BUT that house is amazing fo shooooooooooooo. super jealous. let's buy that house next to our kickboxing class.

  3. hahahaha, sometimes we can't believe it either.

    seriously, lets pool all our money and just buy the place. It looks amazing, I just stalked it on Zillow. Although I can't believe they want that much for it!