Monday, 25 April 2011

a little Spring in my step

It is already so hot here.  What happened to spring?  This is both disappointing and fairly disgusting, and I would be a LOT less cranky about it if I felt like the AC in my building was working properly.

The worst thing about all the hot weather though, combined with the fact that I have succeeded in losing 13 lbs, means that my brain is relentless: must have new wardrobe, must have new wardrobe.  I am resisting so far, but just for kicks, here are a few lovelies I would buy in a heartbeat if I had the funds:

Last one from JCrew, I promise.  I always think I will look like this in shorts if I could only find a pair cute enough, and I have lusted after these for a while now.  Tragically, I will never look like this in shorts.
Milan Cami, by LA Made and found on Piperlime.  This blue is soooo pretty.

Garima, Nine West.

*yes, I am fully aware my losing weight does not affect my shoe size.  but its hot, and I want to wear sandals.  I would too if I had some that weren't flip flops.*
Linen Tessa Top, from JCrew.  Want.

Classic Jenna Bracelet, also from JCrew.  I don't know what it is about the heat, but it seems to trigger this desire to cover myself in gold jewelry like I am some sort of Mediterranean princess.... its like some kind of bizarre fascination, the lighter the clothing I'm wearing, the more I need to wear heavy jewelry.
Love. this. bracelet.

Yes please.  BCBG, found on Piperlime.  I'll take her legs also thanks.

Sigh. Any thoughts on what I should treat myself to when I shed these last few pounds down to the goal weight?

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  1. congrats on the 13 lbs! it got FREAKING hot here over night as well and i'm in weight-loss mode as well, so i feel you on the NEED NEW CLOTHES insanity.