Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I might actually be a 90 year old in disguise

Last night we went to an uh-MAZING concert at 9:30 club, to see Three Days Grace.  Loved it.


I noticed something about myself that disturbed me, just a little.  The opening act, a group called My Darkest Days, was playing as we came in.  And actually I have to say, musically these guys were pretty awesome.  WAY better than other opening acts I have seen in the past.  But then they would stop playing and start talking, introducing the next song, and every other word would be the f-bomb. It really just felt like they were trying so hard!  And I was thinking to myself  "guys, you are giving off conflicting trying-too-hard signals if your lead guitarist is wearing cheetah print leggings, and you feel the need to drop the f-bomb every 2 seconds."

But more than that, their constant use of the f word (and I definitely swear more than I would like, admittedly. I do.  But I am trying to cut back to save it for situations that require emphasis.) really got to me, and made me think plenty of "kids these days!" thoughts.  Which made me snap at Brandon for no reason (I mean honestly, couldn't he see that the big fat guy was blocking my view??).  And at that point I figured out what was turning me into a grandmother cranky pants, and I apologized and we tried to move on.

What was weird to me was how upset I was getting over the swearing, and yet how I was totally not phased about the obvious theme of the band's song, "Porn Star Dancing."

But, Three Days Grace was amazing.  I was surprised at the actual quantity of songs of theirs I know and like - at one point I turned to my sister and said, "This is a cover!"  and she said, "uh no.  you're an idiot."  Not exactly but close.  But anyone who can cover both Tom Petty and Limp Bizkit and Eminem in a single show? Pretty OK.  Plus the drummer also played the keyboards.  I bet his mom is pretty pleased those piano lessons ended up counting for something.

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