Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bachelorette weekend here we come!

So excited for the bachelorette party all set for this weekend.  In preparation, my sister and I spent some quality time at the mall this weekend, shopping for cute mini dresses for "my last night of singledom" except that I am not getting married until September - but I digress.  Minidresses.

So this is what I bought, from Bebe (a store I have never so much as entered before. )

Open Stitch Cutout Dress by Bebe

and here is the largest picture I can find of the back.

I thought this was an excellent celebration of the (16.7!!!!) pounds I have lost.  My sister did not think it was scandalous enough.

Then I picked up this little guy, to go with my current trend of large necklaces:

Love.  From Forever 21, a store I will never enter again.  We literally spent 25 minutes waiting to buy this thing.
When I was walking back to my car, I went through Nordstrom, where they were having a Chanel event.  Since I had nothing else to do that afternoon, I had my makeup done, and finally bought some foundation to use at the wedding.  This is what the technician did with me:

At the time I thought, waaaaaaay too much makeup.  And looking at this photo, I am thinking: why did I feel like I had so much makeup on?  I mean sure its more than I usually wear, but it doesn't seem outrageous.... One of those things I will need to work out before the real thing, I suppose.  But I am so happy with the new foundation :)  And I am sure sometime this week I will actually wear some.

Bring on the best girlfriends + drinks.  I am ready.


  1. holy sheeezi! 16.7 pounds! you are a machine. also that dress is hawt. also nice make-up job! you could easily go with less and still be gorge, but you don't look wildly over made-up or anything.