Tuesday, 10 May 2011

DIY: Centerpieces (sortof) or why I love thrift stores

Ha!  The sofa isn't finished in this photo, thats how long ago it was taken.
Many of you have seen these already.  But.  I proudly present, the longest running project of my wedding crafting so far:  the centerpieces.  Not the actual centerpieces yet mind you, just the vessels that will hold the flowers when I finally get there.

Remember when I said I like to bit off more than I can chew?  Well, I wanted to do my own flowers, to save a ton of cash.  But when I looked into buying the vases online, I felt like the cost of the vases meant I wouldn't be saving so much money anymore*.
I didn't paint all of these.  My most recent aquisitions.

This is my attempt at Blue Willow.

So I decided I would go to thrift stores and collect blue and white painted ceramics.  They're all over the place, right?  And even the low quality ones look nice, right?

After about 3 trips to the thrift store, collecting 2 or 3 vases tops, I got impatient.  And decided I would just...paint my own.
The fish and the dragon....probably two of my faves.

And I think (fingers crossed)  I probably have enough now.  Particularly given the fact that I keep adding things to the tables, like candles and lanterns....
No these urns do not contain the ashes of someone in my family, this is just a me going through my urn  phase.  And then I placed them around the photo of my family, because it seemed like a nice pseudo-mantle....

So what do you think?

* I completely acknowledge I have probably invested an equal amount in this plethora of vases.  I know.


  1. Just came over from APW to see what else you were INSANELY talented at. No really, I was curious as to the rest of your wedding. And now am equally blown away by hand-painted vases! You are out of control, in the most awesome way possible.

  2. out.of.control. KA is right! ha. but seriously where do you find the time for this???????? I do love these vases though. well done.