Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sometimes, its best if I take a chill pill.

From Natalie's Killer Cuisine.

Brandon took me for delicious Coldstone tonight, after I worked my butt off in class.  Life is good.

And today, we are officially 4 months away from being husband and wife.  And I am super excited, because I keep referring to him as my hubby by mistake, and getting weird looks.

Last night had an amazing session with Mon and Lisa, planning the bachelorette festivities, and can I just say:  A SCAVENGER HUNT IS BEING PLANNED.

I have the best friends ever.  so. very. excited.


  1. aww YAY. 4 months to husband & wife!

    now I want some post-workout ice cream tooooo.

  2. CONGRATS! It's getting way closer! Uhm...EVERY time after we used to work out at the gym...we would go for ice cream. Yikes. Now we work out at home...and only sometimes have ice cream :)