Thursday, 7 July 2011

Kickboxing a la Rachel

So yesterday we started our kickboxing lessons with Rachel.  Which you could argue were made simultaneously more successful (my point of view) and less successful (Rachel's point of view) by the presence of Brady :)

The whole time we were working out, I kept thinking, "I am such a wimp, but this is hard."  And today, my back and quads are nice and sore, as per usual.  So I know its good for me!  But I think she's going to have to get a lot meaner before I am going to do a real ab workout on her watch - if voluntarily worked for me, I wouldn't need fitness classes to get in shape, would I?

God I hate exercising (this is no fault of Rachel's.  If its a game, super, but if its just working out for the sake of it, blech.).  I really dislike being in the presence of Brandon as a sweaty sprinkler too, but it must be borne, apparently.  BUT this will keep me in the weight zone I am currently in, in time for the wedding and honeymoon.

le sigh.  But at least punching things is fun!

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  1. oh sorry I forgot to send you those crappy cell phone pics I took! maybe I will use them on my blog? I will email them to you, you can let me know if they're fit for public consumption. I think they're awesome! :)

    anyway, well, I'm glad you're sore at least! It was hard to tell what kind of workout you guys were getting.. ready to go again tonight?? Your comment about voluntary sit-ups is DUEly NOTEd, heh.