Monday, 18 July 2011

Weighty issues

I bought this dress this weekend from Express (to be my going-away dress.)  I might return it, but less because I don't like it and more because I might not need a going away dress. 

This post was going to come out months ago.  It was going to talk about how crazy excited I was to have found a diet and exercise combo that worked for me, how I finally remembered that I can like the way I look in clothes.  And that its all up to me, with no possibility of pointing the finger at someone else.  And most amazingly, that if I do follow a diet + exercise plan, the extra weight I was carrying did actually leave my body.

Then I went through a deadline, and I ate a little badly, and I had to skip some workouts, and then I followed it up by eating out a few nights in a row due to some wedding errands.  And I started to get paranoid, started to feel like every time I bent the rules of the diet I was going to inflate back up like a balloon.


So now, as I write this post, I feel like I have a little more perspective on how I need to approach my healthy size goals, forever.  Because obsessing didn't help me, and in many smaller ways I felt that it actually did more damage, by allowing me to regress into the mindset of, "well, I've blown it now, may as well."

No.  Because even though I have put 2 or 3 lbs back on from my lowest, before the dealine, I have still lost 17lbs.  My weight has I'm doing right now is fine, and I need to stop worrying.  I have gone back to wearing size 6 dresses.  I still have a healthy butt, and large thighs, but that's the way I look. 

Besides, those large thighs are useful when I am trying to punish Brandon with roundhouse kicks in kickboxing class.*

*Speaking of which, at class on Thursday I think he finally tried kicking close to full power, and it almost took my arm off.  That boy has some serious leg strength.


  1. awesome attitude Jenn. sensei approves.

    also that dress is HAWT. you may not need a going away dress but.. you could still wear it sometime! honeymoon?

  2. Hooray for a healthy mindset! As another girl with a healthy butt and large thighs (seriously, see my post from last week ... different words, same sentiment) I STRONGLY approve.

    Also: Soccer. Player. You know, just as a reminder. ::winks::