Friday, 29 July 2011

I like big butts

this girl is workin this.  Love it.  Found via Pinterest

Omg! Omg!  You guys!

I fit into my crazy-expensive jeans* from college again!!!

Happy dance around the closet this morning :) I think this weekend I will be spending some time finding out what else I have reclaimed :)

*I have several pairs of pants I have been holding onto, in a desperate hope that the money I spent on them would not be wasted.  And now it was worth it!!


  1. wait is that supposed to be a picture of a big butt...??

    but YAY! that's awesome. I held onto one pair of jeans so long, that by the time I fit into them again, they were SO OUT OF STYLE (these were not expensive jeans, they were american eagle circa 2003, super low rise, super flare). I felt ridiculous in them and donated them immediately, though I still felt awesome for being able to zip them up first.

  2. Woohoo! Go you!

    Half of my recent closet purge was clothing I'd held onto, hoping to fit into again. Sure, I fit now, but WOW was it out of style ... or just flat out too young for me. Short pleated plaid skirt, anyone?

  3. No its definitely not supposed to be a big butt, but she is wearing those jeans with some flair.

    and I love her glasses and bag and that little black blouse.