Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Falling off some wagons

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Let me just start off by (humbly) stating:  there are lots of things I do well.  Lots.  So I don't have particularly low self-esteem.

But I cannot, apparently, shed a few pathetic pounds.  I am considering starting all of my entries like this from now on, Bridget Jones style:

weight: ugh.
cigarettes: none (ha, this will be easy since I don't smoke.)
glasses of water drunk: 3
glasses of alcohol drunk to negate the effect of the water on weight: enough (but none yet today, obviously - its only 1:00.)

I have completely stopped exercising for the past week and a half, which isn't making me too happy, but I have combined this with my favorite anti-stress package after work: fatty food and alcohol.  Both of these things are really not helping.

I know that most weeks wont be like last week, and I will have a chance to stay a little more on track.  But how do I convince myself not to cave so easily?  Part of the problem is that I get as much de-stress out of the preparing the food as much as I do out of eating it, so my brain seems to talk myself into more elaborate and potentially rich foods with ease.  Not to mention that I hate exercise, because it is such a chore.  I have asked for the NFL training Wii game for Christmas, in the hopes that I could be entertained by my new-found NFL interest.

I am making tiny progress - for example, I now eat greek yoghurts for breakfast instead of bagels (which still kinda weirds me out.  I do not like yoghurts, but "everyone" says, they're better for me.)  Sometimes I stop myself from ordering a chai instead of a plain latte even when I really want one, and sometimes I even order a tall instead of a grande.  I bought carrot sticks two weeks ago, and we have brussel sprouts all the time (and I don't even cook them in butter.)  I really dislike water, but I am trying to drink more of it.  This has resulted in WAY more frequent trips to the ladies', which makes me concerned the office will notice, and inquire after my health.  Sigh.

I dunno, this whole weight business...this just may be the size I am supposed to be.  Which I would be OK with, if someone just chopped off the part of my belly that protrudes.

Back to the gym tonight, I suppose.


  1. Oh yah ... I'm a little irritated at myself right now, too. Absolutely no exercise going on (I've even stopped yoga ... I swear I'll go next week!) and I've been eating poorly to boot. I blame the cold and Jon's work schedule (I hate cooking for one).

    All the same, my pants are starting to be snug, and I'm not happy about it.

    If by inquire about your health you mean ask if you're expecting ... yep. Been there. People are so freaking nosy!

    BUT! I can help with the water. I'm also not a fan, but need to be drinking more ... it's always helped me to do a fruit infusion. Lemon is the most common (and easiest, no need to let it sit), but there are a ton of recipes (http://gourmet.lovetoknow.com/Fresh_Fruit_Infused_Water). For a while there I was in the habit of doing a pitcher before bed to be ready the next morning ... it takes all of 2 minutes. Then, you still get all the goodness of the water, with a hint of flavor. Might help!

  2. Hmm. this would work better if my dislike of water was not closely matched by my dislike of fruit. But the citrus coriander one looks interesting, as that is almost un-fruitlike, and I could give it a try!

  3. My mind is blown over this doesn't-like-fruit thing. Then again, I'm not a big veggie girl. So, I'll make you a deal ... I get your fruit, you get my veggies. YAY! It works!