Thursday, 2 December 2010

It didn't take too long before I ran out of things to talk about...

I do love Christmas sparkly things.

So I'm hanging out at my parents' for the weekend, because they're in Canada for my grandmother's 80th birthday extravaganza. I am sorry not to see the fam, but it would have been a kinda stressful trip, so I am not sorry we didn't spend 1200$ we don't have to make it happen.

It is nice to see my puppies again, but I am slightly suspicious someone has been feeding them hint of lime chips - they reacted strongly to the bag and even more so once they saw the chips. Confession, Dad?

This weekend I am hoping to pull some kind of Christmas elf move on my parents, and am planning on setting up a tree and doing some other decorating, mostly the parts I used to do when I was still living at home. I am still coming to grips with the fact that this is the first Christmas where I will not wake up in the same building as my parents...weird. Growing up one tiny change at a time.

But it doesn't mean I wont still be the one who drapes the baluster with fake pine boughs and poinsettias :)
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  1. Looks like you've already started work on the dining room table. Its much appreciated. Do you like my trees in the front hall? I thought the twin rudolfs could hang out there.
    And btw -your father doesn't buy or eat Tostitos!

  2. Talking about Xmas Elves - what kind of cookies do you want this year? Time to start soon. Do you want to come and make some with me? or just be in charge of decorating? Do you want some for the office? or just a "festive carrot cake??"

  3. I know the feeling about it being the first year not to be at "home" for Christmas morning. I'm really struggling with it this year. But man, you better believe I'm making the same breakfast my mom's always made!