Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Superlatives and Resolutions

I feel like it always takes me a while to recover from the holidays.  All the buildup, the excitement, the amount of energy I invest - and then it's all over and I have to go back to waiting again.  I really love the whole thing, the fuss and decorations, the cookies, the spending time with family - thats some good stuff.

So even though I took the week off, I am still feeling a bit blah - to do's a mile long, and no energy to start on any of them.  So to further my time wasting efforts:

Gift I did not expect to love this much:

Why yes, this is my frog humidifier.
This thing makes me smile every time I look at it.  Only my sister would be so dedicated as to find a humidifier in the form of a cute animal (plus I am assured it got excellent reviews!  Of course it did - my sister has never bought anything that didn't get excellent reviews.  She is that thorough.)

Food I went the most nuts over during the holidays: 

That would be the baked brie.  And I don't have a cute photo of it, because it is all in my belly.  Next.

Gift given that will also benefit the giver: 

Hubs-elect's family gave their dad a Wii for Christmas.  And while I think he will use it occasionally...I think the boys are going to get the most fun out of it.  Not worth playing video games with those boys unless you really enjoy losing.  But it was awesome on Christmas morning!

Of course, this could also apply to the Redskins underwear I bought for myself, but wrapped up and gave to Brandon... the look on his face when he opened the box was so worth it.

Gift someone else got that should have gone to me:

I LOVE Nestle Turtles. to the order of, I have been known to eat a while box of them in one sitting.  But who got the Turtles in his stocking??  Actually its OK, because as soon as he opens that box, they are as good as gone :) **

**Editor's note:  In defense of my planning to steal my future-husband's Christmas candy, let it be stated for the records that when we went out shopping on Sunday I looked for some Turtles, so I could have my own.  And the aisle of Target and World Market were DECIMATED.  It was like a candy-seeking tornado went through and devoured everything.  So when we go grocery shopping next, I will attempt to find some Turtles, and then maybe I can leave his stash alone.**

So on to this business of resolutions.  I am not so good at sticking to resolutions, as I have enough willpower to overcome my brain for a solid 2 seconds before I do whatever it is I was supposed to not do. Or vise versa.

But this year is the year of my impending nuptials (about damn time.  12 months down, 9 to go.)  And I need to do some shaping up before I walk down that aisle.  So here are some resolutions:

1.  Become more healthy, by eating better and being more active.
2.  If the above doesn't help to lose weight and slim down, then buy some shaping undergarments that will make me feel gorgeous and slender on my wedding day.
3.  Be neater around the house but putting things away more immediately after putting them down.
4.  Try harder to keep in touch with old friends who live in other cities.
5.  Try to keep the ratio of ordinary conversations to wedding conversations to an appropriate level.  I will endeavor to remember that some people truly do not care.
6.  Be more original in my cooking, and allow hubs-elect to help more.
7.  Take more photographs.
8.  To give my dogs as much love and affection as is humanly possible.
9.  To finish re-upholstering the sofa, so that I can sit on it without thinking about how much more work there is to do.
And because 10 seems like such a nice, round number: I will stop playing Angry Birds when I should be being social.

Happy New Year!
I hope 2011 is everything you could hope for.

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  1. 1) Turtles came from CVS - but buying some would contradict resolution #1
    2) I agree - time off spent at home doesn't seem to accomplish nearly as much as hoped for. Just be glad you didn't spend all your time cleaning up wrapping paper and hand washing the good china and crystal!