Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Apparently I have some griping to do

Just a little teaser
Every so often I have this feeling of vague disquiet, that something is wrong that I should be able to put my finger on but just can't.  Last night this feeling started up, and it still hasn't gone away, and I am wondering what it is that my subconscious thinks I should be angsty over.

I did have a dream last night that one of my best friends from middle school/high school, who I haven't spoken to (sadly) since high school, met me in some shop, and told me my skin was red and blotchy.  In the dream I responded, "but nowadays its always red and blotchy."  Should this make me concerned?

I know one of the reasons I am a bit nervous - just signed up for a fitness class, and I feel like it could easily mean I will be sore for the whole month of February.  But my sister will be there to tell me if I am being a real wimp, so that's encouraging.  Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to make sure I don't cheat on exercising.

I also (finally) submitted the design for the save the dates to have the letterpress plate made.  I am still hopeful that my homemade one will work - you can be sure there will be at least one if not several posts on that subject, once I have the supplies to give it a try.

On A Practical Wedding today there was a wedding grad post about a woman who clearly knew what she was doing, I mean her style was so spot-on, so unique - it was one of those weddings I aspire to have design-wise (except in my style, and not hers, if that makes any sense.)  And yet this woman admitted to having some serious second and third guessing about her decisions and I wonder - is that why I feel slightly uneasy?  Because slowly but surely, after 12 months of engagement, the decisions are starting to trickle in. 

I have actually committed to a save the date design, and I have been rejecting stationary designs since about February of last year.  Although in a way I have not committed, as I haven't sent them yet.  But still.  The fact that I am starting to buy things, that I have signed all the major contracts... maybe this is why the self-doubt.

God I can't wait to just get married and be done.  Fast forward button please?


  1. first: love your blog - just found you via APW and loving what i'm reading so far.

    second: i know about the commitment to design elements issue...we've been engaged for almost two years and neither of us really wants to jump on picking a friggin' place and we're both graphic designers and are having an insanely difficult time picking a design for our stuff...BUT i think it's great that you took the step toward making purchases...that's definitely looking up, huh!?

    can't wait to read on about your journey.

  2. Hi Lizzie! I probably could have used your graphic-designer self BEFORE I made an ass of myself with the platemaking company due to my inability to use illustrator (it just like photoshop, right?? ...except not.) But I am mostly kidding as the platemaking people wee super nice.

    Two graphic designers? I shudder to think at how long it would take to make a decision - sometimes I ask Brandon how he feels about a font, and to his credit he does get out of the chair for a second to have a look, before going back to his video game.

    In the end, I am not even sure how we got to where we are now design-wise - at a certain point, we just picked something from the list and ran with it. And I am pretty OK with that now, but I did keep waffling for a WHILE. Sigh.

    You blog is cool! Yet another one to add to my blogroll...

  3. wow, how many typos could I cram into one tiny response? Excuse me while I finish my morning coffee.