Monday, 17 January 2011

Lazy Saturday with the loves of my life

My babies.  I actually said this once at my summer job a few years ago, as a barista at the Border's Cafe, and one of the customers mistakenly thought I meant actual babies.  I have always found that funny.

But I digress.  My babies.

First, some from Christmas because I can't resist.

This is my practicing-for-scolding children face.  Complete with motion-blurred waving finger.

Natasha goes for my chai latte mix.  Which I clearly don't need, testified to by the double chin in this photo.

First year in a while that the big boy has been able to get under the tree.  He noticed immediately, and took advantage.

And my companion while I was printing Saturday:

How does he fit himself into these little spaces?

Such gooey brown eyes

Love the tiny little tongue sticking out

And in this one!

Look at her working the camera.

Its a good life.


  1. ohhhhhhmyword. adorable! what kind of dog is natasha? (I'm sure I've asked you that before sorry!) brady must be related to her! he has the same pattern under his chin (and in general looks a lot like her).

  2. dude...your dog looks JUST like Nana from Peter Pan!! 100%! Both of your boos are completely adorable...