Wednesday, 19 January 2011

They should call it kicks-your-butt-boxing class.

Fighting Fit class yesterday was awesome.  Hard work?  yes.  Lots of fun?  sometimes.  Made me reminisce of my childhood and Jump Rope for Heart? wow yes.

I can tell this class is going to be just the thing.  And also that tomorrow my muscles may be sore to the point that I am unable to move (which is a real shame, since I have class again tomorrow.)

But in a weirdly masochistic way...I love it*.

AND I clearly need some new sportswear.  And as I embarrassingly announced to the class yesterday - probably also some new socks.

Like perhaps these bad-ass kindof pants from Puma.  I have a not-so-secret love of Puma.
and also this bag.  Hello!

Speaking of which, did you know Alexander McQueen did a collaboration with Puma?  I sure didn't, but I want this now:
Perhaps this shirt will make me stick-thin as well?

Brandon says I can get some new duds at Marshall's this weekend.  Yay! :)

*Just like I loved spinning.  Which lasted for a whole month before I fell off that bike, never to get back on.


  1. Hooray!

    As for socks ... Jon just found me some at Target (I think they're Champion ... they're in the sportswear section, not with the other socks) that are WONDERFUL for working out. Short (because I like short) with a bit of a tail for the back of my ankle (the socks are a really odd shape) and great cushion.

    So, you know, just throwing that out there. =)

  2. I do love my current champion socks, but mostly for stuffing into shoes. Since we seem to be going shoeless in this class, I need some shiny new socks, that will make me feel less like I am poor at doing the laundry.

    Target is a good choice, but I know that Brandon is doing his best to keep me out of there. Although I don't know why he thinks Marshall's would be any better...

  3. yay class! just what I was hoping it would be. I have my own punching thingies, like what we held to punch each other, if you want to continue after the class is over. although fair warning, a friend I used to do kickboxing with several years go gave me these things as a gift so we could practice together and we never have. it's been years.

    i didn't think your socks looked old or dirty, even after you pointed it out! haha. but I love all that puma stuff too.

  4. ::laughs::

    Is he concerned with how much you'd spend? I get lost in Target ... end up calling a friend and wandering while I talk. It's bad news.

    I do need to get over there at some point if you'd like to make a date out of it...

  5. Set yourself a goal then buy new workout clothes as rewards.

  6. I have been trying to go to Marshalls for weeks now to get some new jeans, so let me know if you would want some company. Apparently I also need to get some capri workout pants, since I was the only one in class not wearing them or full pants. Why does no one wear shorts anymore?

    Also, as a side not, does it feel like an elephant stepped on your back? I have never had my back hurt this much before, and its not like rowing doesn't involve your back. I am not looking forward to Saturday's class, when I will be the only one sore, and everyone else will be nice and fresh.