Sunday, 23 January 2011

We can't all be acupuncturists!

They have been munchkins from the beginning.
The night we picked them up from the farm.  We went only intending to get one.
 This is the morning after we brought them home.
My puppy is sick.  I can finally admit this without crying - we are making enough progress for this post.

He has degenerative myelopathy.  I can't even pronounce this, but it is a degenerative spinal disease.  The only good news being that he is not in any pain, that he is just losing sensation in his back legs.

What this means, though, is that he is having more and more trouble walking.  It started with having trouble getting up, then having trouble with one of his back legs, and has progressed to heart-wrenching.  I am baring my soul on this because I am having a hard time dealing with it.

The other good news is, my parents are dedicated to making his life as quality as possible.  Which means...he is currently getting a home-visit acupuncture treatment once a week.

My dog.  is getting acupuncture.  every week.  Some things just boggle my mind.  But I am with them on this one - I would probably do just about anything to help make his day just a little bit better.  To make me feel a little bit better, here are some photos through the years.

Trying to blend in with the rug.
This is their first birthday.  Not a fan of the Pretty Pretty Princess crown, apparently - probably about as much a fan as Natasha is of being picked up, in the background.
At about 6 months
He could not possibly be more pleased with himself.

Particularly unfortunate grooming....

This is their "romantic on the beach" look.
Lookin' good.
 At the cottage, for onece not lying in Grandma's flower beds.  Lying in flower beds is Boris' specialty.

not of Boris, but I couldn't resist.  How cute is she?

At his favorite place in the world - my parent's property in Ontario, apart from possibly behind "his" chair in our living room.

 how much I love this animal.


  1. he is so CUTE. aahhh! they both are. I'm sorry he's having to deal with this disease, but at least he has such a great family to take care of him. have they looked any further into getting him some wheels?

  2. The wheels are more a possibility for if things get worse... our house may make it difficult for him to use the wheelchair, so its not a great first option. But we have bought him little shoes for his back feet, to help correct his gait and protect his toenails.