Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The strangest thing

A few weeks ago, I called Sandals over something for our vacation, and they asked me to confirm the presence of middle names/not on our passports.  And I thought, OK, yeah, I should check that.

A week later I dig out my passport, and sure enough, it has no middle name on it.  Thanks Canada.  But I digress.  I asked Brandon to pull out his passport so he could check.

4 hours and many rifled drawers later, Brandon still cannot find his passport.  Two days and a fully dismantled closet later, still no luck.  Four days and a rifled file cabinet later, we find his Social Security card (yay!).  And then we kinda gave up, and accepted he was going to have to get a new one.  There was still time before the honeymoon, no cause for real panic.  It must have just gotten lost in the shuffle of the move - we definitely weren't worried someone else had it or anything.

And then on Monday night, I had 2 different dreams that I found the passport, and I decided we should look again last night.  And what do you know, we found the passport! the same place I had dreamt we would find it.  Not in the exact location, but on the same bookshelf in the corner of our apartment, where I would never have looked if I hadn't had the dreams.

So.  weird.   But I am so happy we found it :)