Wednesday, 17 August 2011

But who's counting?

Today, we are one month away from the big day.  T-minus one month from all of this being over, and from me being able to look into the loving (or slightly goofy) eyes of this man I have grown with for 8 years and call him husband.

We've come a long way baby.  Almost there now.

Which I guess means it won't be over at all, because it will all just be beginning.

On that note, I have for you this gem of a photo:

in my defense, we are camping.

Enjoy people.  Beauty like this doesn't come around too often.  My kickboxing instructor told me he thinks we will have really good looking children (my old kickboxing instructor, don't worry Rachel.  I'm not just making stuff up here.).

It has come to my attention that this is my 100th post.  So happy birthday to the blog too, I guess.

Brandon promised that although salad dinner diet lockdown beings today, we can still go get icecream to celebrate our minus-onemonth-anniversary.  True love.


  1. aww look how cute you guys are! how long ago was that photo taken? you both look extra young. not that you look OLD now, but, you know.

    your NEW kickboxing instructor thinks you will have good-looking children also! :)

    one month! crazy.

  2. Facebook says Summer 2006. So I would have been 20, and he would have just turned 22.

    ahh, back when we were babies. You would have gotten an even younger one, but I forgot to email one to myself to post on my way in this morning. Maybe tomorrow, along with the salad diet proof photo.

  3. I want to see the ice cream proof photo! You both continue to look adorable. Happy 100th post and negative-1 mo-versary!

  4. Whee! Almost there!

    And no defense necessary ... you're both damn good looking, as always.

  5. Okay, your salad thing just freaked me out. I really need to watch what I eat, and not have duck fat french fries (so delicious, and apparently the place has the best pizza in cleveland according to food network, we are going). I think I might go back to counting points for the next couple of weeks just in case. I pick up my dress on saturday, I will let you know how it looks then.