Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ceremonial Musings

Last night, Brandon and I had our last meeting with the Rev. before the rehearsal.

And it was AWESOME.

When we went the first time, I asked him to take out two sentances from the service: the sentance that says "and created us man and woman for eachother"(obvious reasons) and "as affirmed by your baptism" (not baptized.) Our initial meeting was back in March or something, so I knew he would have forgotten, because he's an older men and as my father would say, "He's slept since then."

So when we got to the first one, which is all of 20 seconds in to the service, I again asked him if we could take it out. He again said sure, mused for a minute about how he sortof remembered me asking last time, read it over again without the sentance, and the looked up at me. He said, "You know? I like that. I'm going to read it that way from now on, because that sentance doesn't need to be there."

Then he told us that his daughter was gay, and not only were she and her partner happily married, but that he himself had performed the ceremony. And that they walk in the DC Pride parade every year. And he wondered why he hadn't just removed that sentance a long time ago.

This made me so happy. Any lingering misgivings I may have had about the religious aspect of the ceremony just washed away to reveal something shiny and new.

And I can't wait to get married.
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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww YAY. I heart your reverend.