Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My google reader is getting out of control.  I just unsubscribed from several blogs that seemed like a good idea, but that I just don't have time for (and I feel a lot better)

I don't think I have enough time for all this internet stuff.  I don't even seem to have enough time for life stuff - but isn't that everyone's big beef?  Never enough time.  So much so that the previous owners of my sister's house stenciled it onto the dining room wall (except it was cutesy "never enough thyme" instead.  I would argue that too much thyme is possible.) 

Which brings me to my point: an update on what's happening and keeping me from updating the blog.  A ton of wedding stuff (which I will hopefully publish later this week) and a trip to Cleveland, to see my sister's new digs.
We left at 1 on Friday afternoon, hoping that this would land us in Cleveland around dinner time.  And it would have, except for the overturned car on I70 that blocked both lanes and turned it into a parking lot for 2 hours.  By the time we got to Breezewood for our traditional starbucks break, people coming off the highway seemed to think they were survivors leaving a war zone.  At starbucks there is always a line for the bathroom, and the people in this line apparently needed to share their life stories, so that they would feel better about the traffic.

I learned some interesting things.

We finally rolled into cleveland around 915, and did what we like to do in these situations: gorged on Chinese takeout.  Which Lisa isn't technically supposed to eat, but whatever, it was fine.  And then after dinner, we got to work.

Please note the visible haze in this garage.

Exhibit A, spray painting bandit in Lisa's garage around 1030 at night.  Priming her bedroom furniture ready for paint.

Then we unpacked a bunch of boxes and went to sleep, or tried to, on the old futon.  It was very nostalgic, but not in a good way: Brandon still doesn't fit on it.

The next day, I did a lot of this:

that light fixture is clearly in the way.  And yes, I am in my pjs.  I did not change out of them until we left for dinner.  and yes, they have paint on them now.
We did manage to get her entire living room painted, which is good because before we painted it, it looked like this:

yuuuuuucky green.  This photo doesn't do its awfulness justice.

And now:

pretty beige, with new ceiling fan installed.  yay!
We also went to Target, and bought some lamps.  Pretty.

To go in this room, Lisa's master bedroom!  Love the turquoise wall, think it turned out awesome.

When its dry, she will get to use this awesome bedside table!  I think it will look kickass with the silver headboard, coral sheets, grey duvet, and turquoise wall.  Or it will look like her designer was crazy (possible. I have not been well recently.)

OK, thats all for now.  Soon, I will update you on my other stuff.  All in all, and enjoyable weekend in the Cleve.

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  1. never enough thyme. hahahah oh dear.

    everything looks awesome!