Monday, 17 October 2011

Bathroom stupidity

They recently renovated (and are still in process of renovating) the bathrooms in my office building.  While the bathrooms of the floor above us was under construction, we had to deal with all the ladies from that floor coming down to use our bathroom.  My company occupies our entire floor of this building - we are one of only a few in the whole building - and as such, I know all 8 ladies who use our bathroom on a normal basis, because they are all my coworkers.  We are a relatively clean bunch, and polite about our bathroom usage.

THE LADIES WHO WORK UPSTAIRS ARE SLOBS.  They trashed our poor bathroom daily. Toilet paper scraps suddenly littered the floor, and other thing I do not care to mention on the internet.  When they finally finished renovating the bathroom upstairs, we all thought we could now enjoy our quiet bathroom in peace.

We were wrong.  They immediately decided that our bathroom was next, and we were sent upstairs to check out what we had been suffering for.  At first glance, looks pretty nice: faux-stone tile, decent looking finishes on the counters and taps, clean lines etc.  BUT.

The first thing that greets you when you walk into this bathroom is a beautiful tall/narrow niche that in a classier establishment would hold an elegant and minimal orchid with a single blossom, but in ours holds....a tissue box. No matter how many times I move the box onto the counter, where it looks less like we revere the gods of Kleenex, someone puts it back in the damn niche.

Next pet peeve:  every mirror in the whole bathroom is warped.  And because the room features no fewer than 3 wall to wall or floor to ceiling mirrors, its like being in a funhouse, all the time.  On the plus side, I now know what my shoes look like with my outfit without guessing.

The room is laid out in such a way that there is a room with counters etc, which is nice for just straightening out your hair (or doing your makeup like some high maintenance chick in one of the lawyer's offices EVERY morning), which leads to the actual business part of the bathroom.  there is a pinch point between the two rooms.  What did they put in this pinch point?  The paper-towel dispenser.  That every single person who uses the bathroom will stop IN THE GAP to use.  Effectively preventing anyone else from using the bathroom while you dry your hands.

Lastly, and my personal favorite, the automatic everything in this bathroom consistently malfunctions.  SO not only does the sink run sporadically throughout the day, but the toilets flush whenever they feel like it, and the lights also turn off at will.  Basically, the bathroom is haunted.  They spent weeks and thousands of dollars on a bathroom that makes me want to murder someone every time I use it.

They should finish renovating our floor in a few weeks.  Can't wait.

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  1. they obviously didn't hire your company as architects for this project!