Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wedding photos!! Sortof.

from Jenn Link, our excellent photgrapher.  This ous "first look" which we did without Brandon seeing me.
Our photos are back!  Or some of them are.  Go check them out on Jenn's website, and then leave a comment so we can get a free 16x20! Please? :)

I cannot WAIT to see the rest of them.  She did an amazing job (with her second shooter Jessica too!)


  1. Jenn! You look so. effing. tiny. in all of your photos. I am so jealous. I mean, maybe I also will, but I haven't gotten my pictures yet. In any case, TINY.

  2. awww, thanks :) I am certainly not regretting my decision to add a blue sash right there screaming "hey! look at my waist!" that's for sure.