Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Remember when I mentioned some renovation on the 4th of July?

Well I finally had the chance to take some photos of the results!  So, here we go:

Le kitchen before:

Slightly outdated.  Just a bit.


Step 1: strip the wallpaper.  shoot me in the face.

Lisa, its time to buy some new shorts. Note the beers (ciders) on the kitchen table. 

Step 2: paint the base colour.  check.

Step 3: tape the trim.  ugh.

Step 4: Paint the trim.  Ideally, make your future husband do this while you make an upholstered headboard in the other room.

Women using power tools is empowering.  Step 5: cut the tile for the ridiculously complicated pattern you allowed your dad to pick out for the tile.

Oh, did I mention that for the entire 4 days of this enterprise, THE AIR CONDITIONING WAS BROKEN?!?!?!?!  ON FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND IN 100 DEGREE WEATHER?  YEAH.  By day 4 I was pretty much naked.  And learning how to tile, while tiling.

But you know you want my neon sports bra.

And now, the after:  As of yesterday:

Renovation complete with Boris!  Hi puppy :)

My mom bought this fabric in Provence years ago (we went when I was 14.)  We have finally got the chairs recovered, to complete the blue-white-yellow kitchen look she was going for.

Lessons learned: tiling on the diagonal is no joke.  Also, if you're going to commit to a project like this, even if you have a four day weekend, have at minimum your sister and future husband with you.  Even then, you may not finish.

But in the end?  Worth it.  And when we get those cabinet doors replaced, this kitchen will be fully made over, and ready when my parents want to make their move.

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  1. holy crap. great job you guys! that tile looks like no joke indeed. that wall paper reminds me of charlie and the chocolate factory.. wow.