Friday, 7 October 2011

Next chapters

The wedding is over!

Which basically now means I have time to do everything else I was putting off.  Believe me, you will hear/see a lot of wedding recap posts from me over the next month, and I have a thing or two in the works maybe for APW as well.

But for the first time in several months, I am choosing, for the short term, to focus on my life (now our life), and moving forward.  Notables from the past few weeks:

  • I bought a domain name for my new website, where I am going to try and sell you stationary.
    • I also acquired a blogspot, and an Etsy name, plus a new bank account and credit card.  We are doing this for realz.  Eventually I will get around to doing this website - I suspect it won't be until December though.  Etsy will be here much sooner.
    • I have started designing a line of Christmas cards, which I am really excited about.  Stay tuned.
    • I am so excited to say I have gotten permission from the awesome Steve Hoefer of to print the amazing valentine's day cards he designed last year.  Normally I wouldn't consider it a great idea to start out printing things someone else designed....but these are awesome.  Ceej brought these cards to my attention last year, and I am grateful (Ceej you may have one of these for free come valentines day.  I am thinking I will only print the sexual armor, the lip protection one, and the fake flowers - tell me which one you think you'll want.)
  • Le sigh, I have joined twitter for real @missallocation.  Its tricky, but there's an extra s in that one vs the name of this blog.  Please follow me, so I can figure out how to follow you back, and make it look like I have friends.
  • Last night I made pumpkin bread (which may or may not have actually happened bc there are no photos.)  I added chocolate chips, and it was delish.  I brought it into the office today, in the hopes of making more friends.
  • Brandon looked at me yesterday and said "You know, it sounds funny to say, but the novelty of a girl walking into my room every night to get undressed still hasn't worn off for me."  Glad to be appreciated babe, but it is our room.
  • Tomorrow, I am tempting fate by getting my life's second ever perm.  We shall see if I manage to ruin this one in less than 48 hrs also.
Oh, you want to know the name of my website/company?  Check it out.  The page has no links right now, not even to the aforementioned Etsy shop, but it will.  Sometime soon.  When my credit card shows up and I actually have things to sell.  Promise.


  1. Love love love the new website - can't wait to order something awesome and see the rest! One tiny suggestion - the header looks great with the ribbons and bluebirds, but the stuff under it is really hard to read ("weddings" etc) - can you make those letters bigger?

    Good luck!

  2. Duly noted - you would think that as someone who doesn't see very well, I could manage these things on my own. I'll sort it out in time for the Etsy banner...don't know if I wont have changed my mind and redesigned entirely by then though :)

  3. Yayyyy I'm so excited I helped your creative process! And I LOVE the choice of business name!