Monday, 10 October 2011


Today I launch my first post from my professional blog, Ribbons&Bluebirds!  I'll be debuting my stationary lines for the holidays very soon over there, as well as offering special discount codes for the Etsy shop and posting other updates on what is catching my interest.

I hope you'll give it a look - I am running my first professional photography post today (I gave you guys a sneak peek of some of my fave shots a few weeks ago.)  I am really proud of these photos, and I hope this bodes well for the future!


  1. awesome new site! weee!

    I have a silly request for your new site. can you enable people to just enter their name/URL in order to comment (as you do here at this site)? I don't like posting as my blogger ID but I also don't like how I come through if I use my wordpress ID.. I'm needy. help me out. ;)

  2. you can tell I'm on top of things - I hadn't fixed any of the settings yet. which is why my post which was scheduled to go live at 8am this morning was still on Pacific time and didn't want to go up until 11....

    should be fixed now I hope. I will sort this out soon (pardon my unprofessional-ism.)

  3. I'm so glad you used this picture!! I saw the post on the new site before I saw this (thanks, twitter) and this was my FAVE picture. I loves it so hard.