Friday, 25 February 2011

Back on the chain gang


I hate diets.

Mostly because they haven't worked for me yet in life (I wouldn't mind the torture so much if I was actually losing weight, thanks!)

But.  Keeping in mind the whole white dress thing, I decided it would be a good year to succeed.  Except it wasn't working at all - working out and eating whatever the hell I wanted?  What could possibly go wrong here? So my sister, who is big on the whole, keeping up with current events thing (ie too much free time for internet while at work), decided to set some serious goals for herself:  lose x pounds by the end of February, or she had to pay for Weight Watchers.

She then preempted herself by downloading an app that tracks your points, just like WW.  And damn her, she has lost 7 pounds! (Congrats by the way.)  In the face of that kind of success...I caved, and now I am tracking my points like a good little Weight Watcher, except for the self-induced sabotage of wine.  If they could just come up with a wine-based diet, I would be totally set.  Sigh.

Weight Watchers?  While I am not a fan, it is sooooo much better than calorie counting.  Light-years better.  And I'll tell you a's even got hubs-elect on board.  But shhh on that front :)


  1. that is fantastic! your sister's moving right along and you can too. we just started on the WW club as well...want an accountability partner (that isn't your awesomely, quickly successful sister, ha, cause that would frustrate me a bit), let me know.

  2. Thanks Lizzie! I forgot to mention she has a tiny bit of a cheat going on (except that usually its an enormous inconvenience) in that she has a big wheat allergy, and therefore is pretty naturally low on some carbs. I am trying to see if working out more can balance not being as good as I should be about eating - we'll see how it goes I guess.