Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lets welcome the newest member of the profession...

Architect Barbie!

Yesterday Architectural Record ran a post about the newest doll in a line of Barbies called the I Can Be... series.

There are a couple of things I like about this doll.  a) those are some fierce boots and b) undeniably architectural glasses.  However:

1.  She seems to be missing the score of papercuts she would have, and therefore a few dozen bandaids.

2.  That bangle would definitely block her use of the mouse.  Unless she's old school and enters all of her CAD commands in type, shes probably going to lose that guy really fast.

3.  There seems to be some misbegotten notion here that Barbie would be going out into the field and might require a hard hat...  Shes not nearly important enough to ever get to see anything useful in action, like actual construction.

4.  Where are the bags under her eyes?  Why is she not clutching her coffee cup?

I suppose they could have gotten her a lot worse... check out Computer Engineer Barbie.


  1. engineer barbie is a hot mess of lies. but yeah, my stepdad's an architect and he's got all the symptoms as you described for sure.

  2. Oh my! I believe that a sanitary engineer is a better use of the term "engineer" than Computer Engineer Barbie! I wonder if there is a Chemical Engineer Barbie? She could wear the hard hat and the boots, but the glasses would need side shields!

  3. Wait! Wait! you missed the photo of Computer software engineer Barbie in her cube!