Sunday, 20 February 2011

Heller&Heller Project of the Month: Custom Wine Table

The finished cabinet, in place
I'd like to share one of my favorite commissions so far:  a custom wine table inspired by our client's awesome antique furniture and Tabriz carpet.

Our client had spent some time working in the Middle East, and had collected some beautiful pieces of furniture, as well as this stunning carpet.  Our job was to be inspired by the pieces he already owned, and create the wine table in the same materials and finishes to give the impression it had always been there.

The piece is constructed of solid mahogany, with mahogany and other hardwood decorative veneer top and side panels.  One of my favorite special moments in the piece is the simple addition of brass knobs at the cross points of the wine rack: little points of emphasis to make the piece special.

At the top, you can clearly see the inspiration from Persian carpet motifs.  This work is done in veneer, as is the beautiful ribbon grain top, set on the diagonal.

 We are really pleased with the finished result (as was our client), and look forward to more commissions of this caliber in the future!

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