Monday, 7 February 2011

Take that, Unique Thrift Store!

Remember when I went nuts on the people of Unique Thrift Store because they refused to sell me an urn because the price was "obscured?"*

I went home and bought these, because I can do better than Unique Thrift - its not like their stuff even benefits charity, or good causes!  Goodwill, now there's a proper thrift store...the prices are clearly tagged, and if they aren't, the clerk makes it up for you.  See how useful that is?

Are they not magnificent?
And just for good measure:  favours, anyone?

In a test of our marital compatibility, I made Brandon help me paint these things with glitter.  He did a good job, no?
Now if only they hadn't sold out of Lisa's size in bridesmaid shoes, just moments before she went to buy them, we would be in complete victory mode.  What kind of bad luck is that?!?

* If you write prices on ceramics in dry-erase marker, they are going to become obscured!  In plotting my revenge, I seriously considered wiping half the prices off all their ceramic items, then throwing them all on the floor.  You break it, you buy it clearly only applies when they would actually have been willing to sell the items in the first place.  If you ever hear about me getting arrested, you'll know why.


  1. AWESOME urns, great find. love your favors as well, you did a great job!

  2. I'd heard that Unique was charged with fencing stolen goods - yet another reason to stick to the charity shops!