Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I question your taste level.

Funny how I feel like I'm neglecting the blog - I've been sick!  Its not my job!  But more honestly...not a whole lot has been coming to me these past few days that I really feel is worth airing.

I've been dedicating a reasonable amount of energy to bridal party apparel these days - don't get me wrong, its not because I am desperately concerned, its just one more thing I'd like to be able to tick off as done.  And I imagine for those lucky ladies and gents who are standing with us in the bridal party, they would probably like to get it taken care of so they can stop receiving emails from me.

So I spent a reasonable amount of time and effort, and the past few days, keep experiencing some setbacks.  Nothing is really working out as planned - I bought a bunch of cute fabric roses on Etsy that were supposed to go along with my large peach one, to make bridesmaid sashes...and they are just not at all the right colour.  And I was so disappointed when I opened up the box... no fault of the lovely lady who sold them to me, I just flat out made a mistake and bought the wrong thing, but its going to cost me something like $9 to return them.

We keep going back and forth about bridesmaid shoes.  I oscillate about feeling bad even asking people to wear matching shoes, to just wishing we could find something magical that will make everyone happy...I'm tired, and I know I am frustrating my ladies.

So now, opinions:

Do you like this tie?
From TieObsessed, on Etsy (whose name I got from Rachel - excited!)
I am starting to question my taste level (thanks inner Nina Garcia.)  I like this tie, and yet...I am worried that a normal human being would not like this tie.

what about these earrings, these are lovely, right?

From T's Studio Jewelry, on Etsy.
I can get these made with peach peals, and I am thinking of them for my lovely bridesmaids.

Help?  I am beginning to think that I am not even capable of helping select suits for the groomsmen, and you would think that would be easy...but there is something about menswear that makes me feel helpless from the beginning.

Breathe.  8 months to go.


  1. love the tie...love the earrings.

    i think the trick is not giving yourself too many options. once you find something you like, pick it. don't look back...don't second-guess yourself. we gave ourselves FAR too many options for venues and now we can't pick one to save our freaking hearts.

  2. I'm with lizzie - love the tie (yay rabbitstop!) and the earrings! I like the white pearls, having a hard time picturing peach pearls.

    also, the groomsmen. are they renting tuxes or wearing their own suits? if you and Brandon decided on a general scheme (tuxes and peach ties or whatever), couldn't he and his dudes figure it out? or do they need your help? you really don't have to do Everything. I mean unless you want to.

    re: shoes, just remember nobody is going to notice them that much. one of my sisters wore bright turquoise flats with yellow buttons sewn on, the others wore generally neutral colors, but none of them coordinated at all. and it was lovely. although we were generally going for that look. when I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, we all wore the exact same shoe and that was also lovely. but nobody noticed. can you just say "look around for X color/texture shoes and let me know when you find something." ?

  3. I think the tie is quite nice, and like that it is mainly orange with pinstripes to break up the orange, but not enough that it could look weird on a white dress shirt. It also seems like it matches the bridesmaid sash ribbon, which would unify the outfits without looking crazy matchy.

    The earrings are beautiful.

    For the shoes, should we wait until the spring, when more summery shoes are coming out? I feel like getting something bright and or shiny might be easier in the spring or summer than right now.