Monday, 7 February 2011

Rowena Ellison

GG at her 105th birthday celebration
on Friday, January 28th, Brandon's great-grandmother, who was 105 and still living in her own condo, passed away after a week-long illness.  She was an amazing lady, and her large extended family will miss her very much. I was able to meet her only a few times, but Brandon has stories about her spanning his whole childhood as he was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with her

Last night, while we were sitting around watching the Super Bowl, Brandon's mom made us all laugh remembering her: When GG was about 90, she joined a ladies' prayer circle at her church. The minister of the church, who spoke at her memorial service, also went to the prayer circle, to lead the ladies in their prayers.  At the meeting, members of the circle spoke in turns asking for prayers for individuals close to them, friends and neighbors suffering from illness, or hardship.  When it came to be GG's turn, she simply said, " And God bless the Redskins."

Rest in peace Rowena, you were truly a lovely woman who has left enormous impact on your family, and will be remembered with great affection and laughter.

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