Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hello, blogging world.

It seems unlikely that anyone will ever read this - unless I post it on Facebook. I am preparing myself for ridicule.

Perhaps this will improve my writing skills?

We will start out, I think, with something I do better than write: take photos. I was over at my parents house this weekend, and I was sad to discover that my puppies are finally becoming old dogs. At 10 years old and roughly 70 lbs, I really should have known this was coming, but it was still a little troubling. However, they are still just as cute as ever.

Is he not just the goofiest thing? I think it is a fact of life that everyone thinks that their own dog is the cutest, and I personally get excited about every single dog I come across, now that I no longer get my dog-hair fix at home. But tell me that my Boris is not the cutest thing since sliced bread (and I'll punch you.)

It was just the most beautiful day, and it made me quite nostalgic to my teenage years in that house, when I first started taking pictures of the dogs in the front yard on beautiful afternoons.

Here's to a fantastic (so far) fall.


  1. well hello! :) love your dogs. but I refuse to admit they are cuter than Brady.

  2. Hello, lady! The puppies are ADORABLE ... I have one question though ... WHY were we not aware of your prowess with a camera?

  3. @ Rachel, see that's exactly what I mean! And I am so puppy deprived right now, my brain goes: PUPPY CUTE I WANT no matter whose dog it is. And your dog is pretty darn adorable, which makes it worse.

    @ Sarah: I am in a camera rut right now. Basically, Dad has a d90, and now that I have shot with it, other cameras leave me feeling unfulfilled. So i am not taking too many photos. But yeah, check out my flickr stuff if you like.

  4. If you silly Nikon people (hiss!) can ever bring yourselves to use a Canon, we have two. (40d and Rebel XT) With multiple lenses, of course. I'm sure I could strong-arm Jon into letting us play with them (well, the Rebel is mine, so that's easy) if we're careful...