Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What's in a name?

Image from TurtleLoveCo, of MY ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING BAND!!!!  
This band was made by artisan Lisa Gent.

So I feel like I should give some background on the blog title [because it is that good.]

This blog is not trying to be a wedding blog, but it will certainly be more than 50% wedding [until Sept. 17th 2011!]  The whole engagement business is more than halfway done now, but there has been some stress.  Mostly en famile, which is generally my least favorite stress.

To summarize:  since I was about 12 and it became obvious I am not really a budget kinda gal, my dad has been asking/begging me to consider eloping.  I did consider it for about a nanosecond, but given that the hubs-elect and I are both oldest grandchildren, there was really no question of skipping the big party, and then there is the whole thing about I LOVE A PARTY. ahem.  So there was to be no elopement.  As a result, dad has been giving me a lot of crap about "wasting this money."  When he realized after some serious tears that this was destroying my happiness at being engaged, he realized he had to rephrase.

So:  my wedding is not a waste, or a bad idea, but a "misallocation of resources." [which would also be a fantastic name for a rock band, a la Dave Barry.]   And so far, I have enjoyed every single minute of planning** :)

**EDIT** absolutely untrue, that last part.  But I was pretty happy at the time.**

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