Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Is there such a thing as too much sparkle?


I ordered, a few weeks ago, two pieces from a lovely seller on Etsy.  These earrings, which I had been coveting for months and could not be lovelier:

Sophie earrings, from Lottie-Da Designs
And this headband, which I bought on a whim because I had been thinking about a shiny headband and it was on sale:
Aimee headband, from Lottie-Da Designs
And it is lovely, but somehow I am now finding myself questioning the level of sparkle that I am planning to put on my head.  Is this too much rhinestone, bordering on princess-tiara-danger-level?  I will say, I am thinking of altering the headband slightly to make the rhinestone section slightly shorter and hopefully less intense, by removing the pieces that are not the round brooch things.  Since the whole thing is put together with jump rings, even if I did take it apart, I could completely put it back together again to its original setup, so it would not be an irreversible decision.  If it gets shorter, you might be able to actually see the ivory ribbon which is nicely attached to the headband and might break up the sparklemaniafest.

Thoughts?  I am intending to kind-of embed the headband into my hair, the way I do when I wear a normal headband, and it doesn't actually fulfill the function of holding hair back from my face but it purely aesthetic (in the same vein as a waist-belt.  I have never understood why the uselessness of waist-belts seems to bother people so much, but apparently it does.)  If I have to give up one of them, it will be the headband, because those earrings rock.

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  1. Have you tried them on, to see if it's too much? Especially considering how you're thinking of wearing it, it may not be.

    Taking it apart and playing with it is totally an option. Especially since there are no real consequences. As pretty as it is, you may find a combination of the pieces that you like better!

    I know how you feel, though. As much as I HAD to have mine, I was worried it was going to be too over the top for my dress. In the end, it was fine. And now I have a shiny to break out (with different color ribbons) when I feel like being a princess.