Friday, 19 November 2010

keep calm and carry on, nostalgia.

From Paper Source.  I bought this, and I can't wait to use it.
Sometimes, I really miss London.

I definitely don't miss all of it, but now that I have been back here for 6 months, and the gloss of being back near my fiance, family, and friends has faded to comfortable familiarity again,  I see that I do miss it.  For example, instead of living in a [slightly yuppy] condo building, I lived here:

39 Wharton St.  We lived in the top 2 floors.

I miss my roommates, with whom I shared a variety of adventures including, but not limited to:  a semi-disastrous semi-awesome trip to Amsterdam, trying to play Jenga in a pub, making Thanskgiving dinner for our whole office, attending a Halloween party in Shorditch [Sho-dich], seeing Kelis in concert, flat searching [most intense adventure on this list], budget accommodation in Kings Cross, a middle-aged-and-up cruise to Greece in which everyone seemed to assume we were some bizarre love triangle, spending a whole paycheck on clothes in Covent Garden...

Turkey.  We don't mess around.
Even thought I really enjoy being back here, starting a new life with my fiance, starting a new job that might actually go somewhere long-term, I do miss the carefree lack-of-responsibility that was London.  I miss waking up on Saturday mornings [or sometimes afternoon] and going out for a coffee, strolling down to the shops to see what I felt like blowing my paycheck on this month, buying extravagant things from Waitrose to make for dinner...

And then I remember how it felt to carry those groceries home for the 15 minute walk.  And I think I can live with moving on, carrying all those memories on with me :)
Hampton Court Palace had an awesome garden.  Nice weather!  It did sometimes occur!
Halloween.  Those spiky things are spiders on the wall behind us.

Church right around the corner from the flat

Wharton St. had the coolest cars

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