Saturday, 27 November 2010

I love when things work out

Salad of Vegetables with Seared Sea Scallops & Citrus Sauce, from Roundz Catering

Caterer booked today!  We had an awesome tasting with Chef Zach Pope of Roundz Catering, after a few weeks of customizing a menu, and it was completely worth the short wait.

The food was awesome, and I really appreciated the time he took to really figure out what I wanted before the tasting, so that noone was wasting time.  Above all though, I really feel like the value of his service meant that I was able to afford much better food than I ever expected.  It should be AWESOME.

That is my last vendor booked, and I could not be more thrilled to be moving on to the other stuff.  So to celebrate, I came home and spent all afternoon mucking with this rhinestone headband.  I am still convinced it looks like a tiara and am not happy about that at all.  I do feel like I spent too much money to do nothing with it...but in the end, if I don't think it will look good, I don't want it on my head when I walk down the aisle.  Decisions, decisions.

How do we feel about bright red peep-toe pumps to go with the navy bridesmaid dresses?


  1. We feel like we loves it. A lot.

  2. bright red peep-toe pumps should always be worn with navy dresses. :)

  3. Um, YES?!

    ... says the girl wearing her new red pumps. =)