Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Gingerbread is not the easist thing to cut into straight lines

Letters to Santa Post Office.  Simple, but elegant. Go team!
Every year, my office holds a little event to decorate gingerbread houses. As this is my first holiday with the office, I thought it would be nice to volunteer to get involved, and help out.

Well, this is no ordinary gingerbread house decorating event, let me tell you. First the office makes the base, which involves cutting a lot of gatorboard, and silently cursing the blockhead who designed a plan with all these funny angles. Then, we make individual footprint pieces for teams to build on, and THEN decorate the heck out of the base, with the street furniture and paving, and water etc.

the masterplan, before any gingerbread has been placed.

Then on the night of, it is basically a giant party, with good food, booze, candy, and OH GOD ROYAL ICING EVERYWHERE. But I think a reasonably good time was had by all.

I only have photos of the masterplan incomplete, so I will be able to update later. But the best part of all of this: on Friday, the 20 pieces of the masterplan will be taken to local charities and children's hospitals, along with a check for all the money raised. Holiday cheer for everyone :)

Dulles Airport.  These people were not messing around.

Pirate ship!
I completely rode the metro home in my helper elf hat too.
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